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WHY, you may ask?

1. Personally, can you think of an easier way to do spring cleaning? Unload all the piles of cleats, jerseys, equipment, and anything else athletic. For $10 you get a large booth space and can sell your items. Your $10 goes back into our BAGO program.

2. Socially, what a great way to DONATE items! If you are not interested in selling, we will GLADLY take all your donation items starting TODAY. We want to have a gigantic community table where families can grab for FREE anything they may need for their kids athletic or recreational endeavors this year. We want to provide adults an opportunity to grab gear to get them up and active this spring and summer! BAGO (Be Active, Go Outside!!) This provides equity to so many families and individuals that can not afford these items.

3. Check out some really cool businesses and nonprofits doing health and wellness this summer, and get signed up! Reps from these organizations will be onsite to share the awesome they are doing!

This is for ALL ages! We will have children and ADULT athletic clothing, accessories, shoes, equipment!!

Let’s make this event just enormously successful!!

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Service Leadership

Service & Sunshine in the seven dimensions of wellness within the Fox Valley Community. We believe in using our time and talents to serve the greater good and empower the next generation of leaders.

Join our "VC" (Volunteer Club) today! 

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