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Summer "Meet U at the Track"
(Track workouts for kids/adults)

When: Every Monday, June 5th - August 28, 2023 - 6:45pm 

End of summer celebration will take place at the Fox River Brewing Company on Wednesday, August 30th at 6pm

Where: Oshkosh North High School Track; 1100 W Smith Avenue, Oshkosh WI 54901

Overview: pdsF.U.S.I.O.N.'s weekly track workouts will be held each Monday from June 5th through August 28th. Our weekly workouts are free and open to the public. All workouts will begin at 6:45PM.

The workout will be Coach led at 6:45pm. At that time, general announcements are made and the workout for the evening is explained. We do a total of 3 miles worth of running on the track each week. Participants are encouraged to complete the workout at their own ability level. Not everyone has to run the entire workout. All ages and abilities are welcome. Restrooms are available.

Some other items to keep in mind:

  • Plenty of parking is available.

  • Bathrooms are available at the track.

  • Bring your own items to eat and drink.

  • Please dress appropriately based on the weather and have extra/dry clothes with you.

  • There will be a different workout each week adding up to 3 miles.

  • There are usually two groups running together (a faster group and a slower group) based on recovery times.

  • Repeats range from 100m to 1600m , although most will be 400m to 1600m.

  • Complete the workout at your own pace and don't worry about where you are compared to the group.

  • All ages and abilities are welcome. Not everyone has to run the full 3 miles on the track.

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